STYLE LANGUAGE Is right for you if any of these ring true:

  • You want to finally have FUN with your Style!
  • You want your Style to reflect who you truly are.
  • You want to feel more confidence and self acceptance... in all areas
  • You want to develop your own signature look.
  • You've had a recent life change + want your Style to support that.
  • You look in the mirror and don't connect to the reflection you see.
  • You feel insecure in your current "look"
  • You make decisions based on what others are wearing.
  • You make decisions based on what you think you should be wearing.
  • You try new trends but feel silly in them.
  • You feel style is a luxury or something you don’t have time / money for.
  • You have found yourself overwhelmed with “more important” things. 
  • You don’t even know where to start.

By the time this course is done you will have unlocked your unique Style Language.

You will have all the tools needed to speak it
ON purpose and WITH purpose


unlock my style


Welcome to Style Language
Why Orly
What to Expect
Welcome to Style Language
Why Orly
What to Expect

A Few Reviews

Pricing & Offers

OFFER 1 - Basics Bundle



Option 1  is an instant access - self guided course. 

  • The¬†Full¬†Course
  • Access to our SL community group
  • 6 months access to course materials and community

OFFER 2 - Guided by Orly




Option 2  is a far more personalized experience.  MOST POPULAR 

  • The Full Course
  • Access to our SL community group
  • _________________________
  • Video Kick-Off Call + Q&A
  • 3 monthly group video calls (includes real time feedback + further guidance)¬†
  • 6 months access to course materials and community¬†¬†

OFFER  3 - One-on-One



Option 3  is here if you want one-on-one guidance and coaching

  • The Full Course
  • Access to our SL community group
  • _________________________
  • Video Kick-Off Call + Q&A
  • 3 monthly group video calls (includes real time feedback + further guidance)¬†
  • __________________________
  • Your own personal,¬†one-on-one coaching session.¬†
  • Continued email access for further assistance.¬†
  • 6 months access to course materials and community group

Module #1

‚ÄčStyle is a LANGUAGE: In this video I will prove to you that style is a language. It's a form of non-verbal communication that we are ALL participating in, every single day. This reframe is the beginning of this magical journey!!


Module #2

Style is IDENTITY: This section is all about the mind-boggling research! It's fascinating stuff and will change the way you view style forever. You will never be able to write it off as superficial, vain or unimportant again. 


Module #3

Style is a CATALYST: Now that we know HOW our style is affecting our mood, thoughts, behavior + performance, we  discuss how those changes then effect everything around you. And more importantly, how you can manipulate it to your advantage ;) It's soooo fun!


Module #4

Find Your Words: This is the answer to the question "Why Words?" Ill teach you the simple power of choosing the right words.

Why it works and how it works. 

Module #5

‚ÄčEnergetic Crushes: I will walk you through the process of uncovering your Energetic Crushes. Focusing on energy first is what makes Style Language so different and so transformative. It's much deeper than you think


Module #6

‚ÄčStyle Crushes: This is one of the most fun sections! We will begin crafting our Style Crush list.  I will teach you how to recognize your crushes from "micro" to "total" and what to do with the information. 


Module #7

Quizzes: I have 2 quizzes prepared for you to deepen your connection and aid in word discovery 

Module #8

Q & A: I will ask you a series of strategic questions to elicit clarity in your words. You list will begin to take shape here. 

Module #9

Craft Your Language-  This is where all of your work comes together! I will teach you how to decode the information you have unlocked and recognize which words actually belong in your language. By the time this section is done, you will have a working Style Language! 

One-On-One Coaching

If you signed up for this option, this is where we should be scheduling our coaching session. You choose the focus of this call.

Examples: Finalizing your words, Troubleshooting, making sense of the information you uncovered, how to implement your language day to day, styling tips and guidance etc.

Module #10

Speak Your Language-  I will share with you the 4 Elements of Style, their liberating power and how to implement your Language into each one. 

Module #11

The 4x Method-   An in depth lesson on how to use my 4x Method to expand your wardrobe instantly and at ZERO cost to you. This tool will become part of your life moving forward, ensuring you get the most out of every item you already own.


Module #12

The Anchor Method-   An in depth lesson on how to use my Anchor Method to reduce decision fatigue when creating outfits. 


Module #13

Flex Your Words-   I will teach you how to flex your words so that you can ALWAYS speak your Style Language no matter where you are going, and who you are going with. 

Module #14

Be Kind-   My closing messages and wishes for you as you move forward with this new found self-discovery and acceptance.


HOW LONG IS THE STYLE LANGUAGE COURSE?  The course is self paced so you can tackle it any pace that feels right for you. However it was designed to be done over the course of 3 months. This allows  you to apply, test and tweak the information you uncover. 

HOW LONG WILL I HAVE ACCESS TO THE COURSE?  You will have access to the course for 6 months so that you can revisit the work in the event that new revelations arise.

WILL I BE WORKING DIRECTLY WITH ORLY?  If you picked Option 2 then you will have open access to Orly at pretty much any time. You will have a one-on-one coaching session, as well as follow up emails with Orly.  If you picked Option 1 then you will tackle the course on your own but can communicate with Orly in the community group and bi-monthly Zoom meetings, which are quite personal!





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